About Us/组织介绍

西域地区华人协会是个非营利民间组织.成员包括Westfield,NJ 以及周边镇的华人居民。
协会的宗旨是积极参与社区建设,提高华人在社区的影响力,弘扬中华传统文化, 丰富会员的文化娱乐生活。

Westfield Area Chinese American Association (WACAA) is a nonprofit organization. Our members include residents of Chinese heritage in Westfield, NJ and surrounding towns.

Our Goal
• Serve the greater Westfield area Chinese community through efforts aimed at promoting mutual understanding, and a safe community.
• Promote Chinese culture in a multi-cultural environment, and introduce the Chinese language, arts and cultural traditions to the community, including through facilitating the offerings of Chinese language, cultural and arts programs by the local school systems.
• Foster collaborative efforts, volunteerism and leadership in an effort to lessen neighborhood tensions and government burdens.
• Promote community participation and awareness among our members.
• Represent the interests and concerns of Chinese residents in the community.

Our Achievements So Far
Since inception, WACAA held an annual Duan Wu festival celebration at Tamaques Park with games over picnic. We hosted an annual Chinese New Year Gala at the Presbyterian Church in Westfield which drew over 300 people and dozens of vendor sponsorship.

WACAA members took initiatives to strength the relationship among fellow Chinese neighbors with self-sponsored or association-sponsored enrichment activities such as Zumba dance club, volleyball club, and badminton club. WACCA also organized cultural events featuring the moon cake workshop during the Moon Festival, for example.

We also stepped up our effort in local community outreach. Members volunteered for two consecutive years for the Westfield 5K Pizza Run. We worked with our members to raise funds for local schools such as the Roosevelt School and Washington School, and helped support the Strive Club at Westfield High School.